"Window into my Art"


For many years now the sentence...

« A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere »

... accompanies me, inspires me. I have extended the pencil to a paintbrush, but the meaning of this sentence is with me each time I create. I paint my dreams, the colours let me tell a story...



There is nothing more inspiering than the connection, true connection that we can have towards the beautys of nature, the universe and all the beings that live within it. Love, devotion, true friendship lives in the heart, in the soul and it is from the soul and with the heart that art is created.

Since childhood I love nature, I learned to be thankful for the invisible forces of the universe, their vibration, their reflections in the coulours that sourround us daily.

Love to the world, love to all that surrounds us is the essence of devotion that emerges from the heart. It is this devotion that is the main essence of my ART. If it is towards nature or towards the beauty of another soul.

In the love towards all beings the soul radiates,
In love towards the beauty of the universe art awakens within

Nature is a true guide to learn about the inner soul, art is when the soul knocks on the door and we answer. So, art and nature are closly intertwinde in this beautiful connection of life and creation.

I invite you to go on a path of finding what awakens creativity in you, so that you can create in your very own special way... creativity it is truly healing.

« The purpose of art is
washing the dust of daily life
off our souls »
Pablo Picasso

I do it through art, through painting and through storys that maybe one day will be ready to be read...


Light & Darkness


One big, maybe the biggest polarity in our life is Light and Darkness...

Our whole life we are on a path of finding a balance between these two forces. It is the path, the activity that we enter when we are in search of that balance that makes us be alive.

Oh yes, there are times when we are wrapped in the arms of darkness and all that it brings withit is difficulies, illness, fear, lonelyness, anguish and then there are times when we are pulled out of us, times when we hardly have controle over who we are, when hesteria, heuphoria overcomes us and pulls us towards the forces of the light and we loose ourselfs. It is up to us to find the inner strength, it is up to us to find a balance between these two archytypel forces that constantly bring us out of balance.

It is in the activity of searching for that balance that we are alive.So, I love playing with these two forces in my art. It is a special moment when one can feel the light emerge in the darkness, it is a profound feeling when the darkness wrappes its arms around light and both find balance in dance of light and darkness.

An Art project of the heart

I have this dream of creating a « art cathedral », a Gallery or more like a path. A space where one can walk through rooms listening to whispers and songs that emerge from the art all around. A space where one can connect to the invisible realities of the universe through art, color, movement.

There will be art in connection to the zodiac, the planets, the elements, polarities, bliss, love, all of these invisible realeties that we all feel, that vibrate within us and around us.

It is an ongoing project and I have no idea when it will be finished, if it will ever be finished, but if I manage to create it one day,then my heart will burst of joy and I will let you know...