Art therapy

My work as art-therapist & biography consultant

« Everybody holds in himself healing resources. Art-therapy and Biography- work is a way of discovering your resources, to guide you to hidden treasures deep within you ! »



Therapeutic work with watercolour

Colours are not just objects that help us express inner emotions, they are so much more. If you let them talk to you then you will feel how they help you, guide you to express yourself in a true and deep way, but more than that, they will help you understand what lives deep within.


Therapeutic work through the art of drawing and expression

There are times where « lines and forms » will talk more than colour, there are times where you need the structure of form to help you find your path, your limits, an inner structure. This path can be walked through form drawing, dynamic drawing, dry pastel, pencil, charcoal, colour crayons or beewax crayons ... there are so many ways that one always finds the right path for each person.




Therapeutic work with clay

It is through the contact with the earth, the energy between us and the clay, its texture, its warmth that we enter a movement to express what lives deep within us.

Biography Work

Biographical work on ones very own biography will always be part of all my therapeutic approaches

Biography work is a path of personal development on which we connect to the forces that live within us, that live around us. We go on a journey of asking ourself who we are and who we want to be and then most of all we ask the question who are we in this world we live in and who do we want to be in connection to this world that is alive all around us.

A path of discovering, letting go, embracing the new and trying to understand a little bit more about who we are and hopefully finding a path we can walk while being true to what we have found.