Qui suis-je ?
Qui suis-je ?

The path of an artist

Qui suis-je ?

This website is not so much about me, but more about the art that emerges when one steps out of the known and into the unknown. It is about when one listens to the whispers of the heart and to the knocking of the soul on one's inner door.

But yes, there is an artist behind all of the art and my mom once told me « You are an artist since you were a little girl! » So, probably the path of being an artist started then, long ago, when I started drawing in the back of our old rusty Land Rover while driving home from School along the shores of Cape Town. Since then, art has been a means of expression and healing for me.

I studied art-therapy and nearly lost my connection to my own art by guiding others to heal themselves through the magic of art, through painting, drawing, sketching, clay work.

It took me time to find the connection to my inner Artist once more, I have and now the challenge is to work as an art-therapist and keep the artist within me alive.

Under “Events” you can find where my artwork will be exhibited. If you can not come to one of the events and you do have an interest in a painting, it is with great pleasure that you can contact me.

The path of every day life

... and yes, behind the artist there is a woman in daily life.

I was born 1980 in Walvis Bay Namibia; I grew up between the roaring waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the hot sand of the Namib desert.

I grew up listening to the Atlantic Ocean crushing against rocky shores down in Cape Town South Africa. Then there were times when I grew up in the northern culture of Europe in Germany. I met the cold winters with its icy beauty, the amazement of spring awakening out of the cold. Two very different worlds, but both have helped me become who I am today.

On this journey between two hemispheres, I encountered the love of my life. Now, we live in Switzerland on an organic farm, with our 3 amazing boys.

So, this is me, a mom, a farmer's wife, a friend, a god-mother, an art-therapist, a biographical guide, a nature lover and all this inspires me to be the artist I am.

Qui suis-je ?